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Terms & Condition

1) Artoc Service:
Provide opportunities of a personal nature for creation and networking
.- Provide an inclusive and safe environment
Developing technologies that help us consistently serve our growing community
Ensure access to our services
- I answer the most beautiful
2) Your fees:
You must be at least 13 years of age or the applicable user limit of the ARTC legal system in •
Your country
You must not be prohibited from using any portions of the Service by applicable laws or from engaging in
In the services with which the service was offered
• We should not be aware that someone has disabled it because you have notified us of the law or our policies.
• You must not have been convicted of a sexual offense.
• You may not impersonate or present inaccurate information.
Any legal, illegal or illegal action or action may be taken.
.with it
• You may not attempt to create accounts or access or collect unauthorized information.
.do anything.
And by using the program to create accounts or information
.us so
You may sell or license to purchase data obtained from us or from •
.. our services
You may not post, share, or submit private information about him.
someone else's rights (including intellectual property rights) for example, copyright infringement, or
Trademark infringement, counterfeit or pirated goods.
With regard to the rules of rights applicable to the applicable rights
applicable legal distribution. You represent that you own or obtain the legal rights
that you post or share. Learn more, including your Lord raised you about your rights
Your intellectual property
You may not modify, translate or make derivative works of our products or components thereof, or
.reverse engineer it
Using a username or address •
m for sale in a large area
As part of our agreement, you agree to give it to us with our votes granting it.
• We do not claim or claim ownership of the accommodation you provide.
• You grant us the right to use it.
And please party. We do not claim ownership of the content
You can publish your own content
another person, anywhere you want. You must obtain any given legal permissions
) is known as a "license" (in-service
(such as videos or video clips) or post, post, post, post, post, post, post, post, or post in any relevant way
International terms
Canopy sublicenses the content, its use and distribution
operating, copying, presenting, displaying, translating and derivative works thereof) in accordance with privileged, transferable, and transferable
In addition, it is unfortunate that you delete licenses
Your content from our systems. You can delete content items individually or delete them all at once
One of delete your account
Using information related to your relationships
And the actions you take towards the accounts
You agree to give us this profile
Connected to your existing ad such as: Receive communications (or your relationships) such as follow-ups.
Subsequent photos by obtaining study schedules
.without any compensation to you in return
• You agree to allow us to provide and install the Service provided on your device.
Other rights we reserve
If it is similar to your account, we may change it if appropriate or
If you choose to use or an identifier
Necessary) for example, in the event of infringement of another person's intellectual property rights or plagiarism
another user persona (
If you are using items that are protected by intellectual property rights that we own and make available through •
our service) for example, the pictures, designs, videos or audio clips we provide
Preserves their rights to terminate their rights
.our content (but we don't keep your troop's name).
Remove and disable content
We can remove content or information you see on the Service if we believe it violates the Terms of Use.
.Third Party
Outlaw banditry
You may obtain consent to obtain citizenship;
Our rights We waive our rights and obligations to other representatives. For example, this might happen if a change
on our property (as in a merger, acquisition, or sale of our assets) or a distribution of the law
The parties that bear responsibility in a case
We can make you work throughout a full working period.
time. To the negative side in terms of advertising
For types of guarantees, Sawa
whether express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose,
.and non-violation
Rights and ownership
We do not control what other people say or do, and we take no responsibility for their actions (or actions).
your actions) or their (or your) behavior (whether online or offline) or any Shared Content
(including any illegal or objectionable content). We are not responsible for the services or
Features provided by other people or companies, even if you access them through our Service
Our liability for anything that happens on our Service (also called “liability”) is limited to:
to the fullest extent permitted by law. If there are any problems with our service, we cannot know
All possible effects of these problems. You agree that we are not responsible for - we do not assume ("Liability")
Under no circumstances for any loss of profits, revenue, information, data or
Any consequential, special, indirect, exemplary, punitive or incidental damages arising out of or related to this
Terms, even if we were aware of the possibility of such damages and losses. This includes cases
Delete your content, information or account
Materials granted without request
We always appreciate other comments or suggestions, but are entitled to use them without restriction or obligation to compensate you.
We are under no obligation to keep it confidential
update these terms
We may change our Service and policies, and we may have to make changes to these Terms to reflect our Service and policies
accurately. Unless otherwise required by law, we will notify you (for example through our Service) before we make any changes
These Terms give you an opportunity to review them before they become effective. And then, if you decide to continue using
service, you must comply with the updated terms. If you do not wish to agree to these terms or any terms that have been updated to date